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California sober

California Sober (Single)

California Sober

California Sober - Billy Strings (Feat. Willie Nelson)

Written by William Apostol (Apostol Publishing, BMI), Aaron Allen (Joy Zone, ASCAP), and Jon Weisberger (Use Your Words Music, BMI and Asheville Music Publishing BMI)

Well I used to like to ramble with my good-time friends and neighbors
now I find I’d rather lie awake in bed
And I don’t get to acting mean when I keep my buzzes clean
and keep the hard stuff and the whiskey from my head

Well I guess that’s just the trouble when you’re always seeing double
and the lines are getting twice as hard to see
I’ve had years I don’t recall but I’m told I had a ball
At least someone did who looked a lot like me

Well I’m California sober as they say
Lately I can find no other way
I can’t stay out and party like I did back in the day
So I’m California sober as they say

I learned out in the hills they have pills to get their thrills
and they love their liquor down in New Orleans
Maybe for a New York minute
Sugarcane will fit the bill But in no time flat you’re out of what you need

The old crew don’t get together
anymore these days much ever
After some went straight and some went straight to jail
Now they’re busy posting vids and just trying to raise their kids
Instead of raising holy hell and posting bail

I was California Sober till I thought the world was over
now I’m sitting on the roadside once again
And when that wagon passes by, I don’t even bat an eye
because the devil on my shoulder always wins
Because the devil on my shoulder always wins